Silk pajamas are characterized by comfort, absorbability and good vacuuming. The silk is composed of protein fiber, the texture is soft and smooth, and the touch is delicate. Compared with other fiber fabrics, the coefficient of friction with human skin is only 7.4%, so the human skin tends to have a soft and delicate feeling when it comes into contact with silk products. Silk pajamas have a naturally occurring moisture absorption and moisture release, which is unmatched by other artificial fibers. Due to its porosity, silk can absorb gas voids. Silk can absorb moisture or emit moisture in the air, so that it can absorb moisture in a humid environment and can be dehumidified in a dry environment. Therefore, in addition to self-adapting ability, it can also help people’s skin or other silk products retain a certain amount of moisture; if wearing silk clothing in summer, it can also quickly dissipate sweat and heat, and it is very breathable, making people feel cool and incomparable. .

Silk pajamas have a unique health care function. The silk fiber contains 18 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body. It is similar to the amino acids contained in human skin, so it is also known as the “second skin” of human beings. At the same time, tryptophan and tyrosine in silk protein can absorb ultraviolet rays, prevent ultraviolet radiation, enhance the vitality of skin cells on the surface, promote the metabolism of skin cells, and have a good auxiliary therapeutic effect on certain skin diseases. This natural function that is not possible with rayon also lays the precious value of silk products.

In addition, due to the thermal denaturation of silk fiber, it is relatively heat-resistant, its burning temperature is 300~400 °C, it is a kind of flame retardant fiber, which plays a very high flame retardant effect. Therefore, it is the best choice to choose silk as raw material for home decoration.

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