Do you like cotton underwear?

One: The resurgence of the boxer pants, the more relaxed the better?
People who are too thick or too thin should not wear it, and it is not suitable to wear when wearing the popular narrow trousers. Recently, due to the appearance of the male protagonist wearing a boxer trousers in the Hollywood film, and more and more cotton trousers on the market, there is a trend of resurgence. It is generally believed that the boxer pants can reduce the restraint and friction compared with the briefs, and keep it cool, but if you choose to widen the trousers to achieve the purpose of smoothing, what is the difference with the former “definitely cool” uncle shorts? Therefore, choose the boxer trousers to fit as much as possible, choose the texture of the cotton woven fabric than the cotton cloth, so that it does not appear bloated in the suit trousers. But in fact, the current design of the boxer pants is not the most perfect. Because wearing a pair of trousers, even a more comfortable boxer pants may be rolled up at the hem. Therefore, there are improved four-corner cotton trousers on the market, which are wrapped around the hem, but those with thick legs are slightly tight.

Two: sorghum underwear, sexy logo?
People with extremely thick legs can choose full height. In the design concept of women’s underwear, sorghum is generally a modification, so that the legs look slender, but the starting point of the sorghum in men’s underwear is not sexy, but to take care of the male with thick legs. It is reported that because of market feedback, men prefer to buy underwear with leg edging, so the manufacturer still designed the half-height underwear with edging, and it is more suitable if you wear the underwear that is not used to full sorghum.

Three: Wear men’s low-rise jeans to reveal the side of the underwear?
Ultra-low-waist underwear is quite popular in Japan and South Korea, and it will be a bit unaccustomed to wear at first. This question is very interesting. Asked my friend to ask me if I saw some male singers performing on stage, so I asked if the trend is to wear it like this? My opinion is that the trend cannot be followed rigidly. If you feel uncomfortable, you simply refuse this method of wearing, and the market is not without underwear with low-rise jeans. Although they are more economical than traditional briefs, they are not cheap because of the trend.

Choice of underwear in the puberty

First: to choose cotton underwear, more breathable and comfortable, will not cause skin allergies.

Second: To choose to wear more loose underwear, because the chest of adolescent girls has been developing, wearing tight underwear will affect the development of the chest

Third: Do not wear underwire underwear, so as not to oppress the chest.Womens Stretch Panties Online Shop with selet our site.

The above is related to when adolescent girls begin to wear underwear. The time for adolescent girls to wear underwear was specifically introduced above and the corresponding underwear style was introduced. In addition, we also introduced the relevant considerations for adolescent girls when choosing underwear, hoping to help adolescent girls choose the right underwear. How much breast can be worn on the bra, you can use a soft ruler to measure, from the upper edge of the breast through the nipple to the lower breast more than 15 cm distance should wear a bra.

How to choose the right underwear for the bride

There is a traditional concept in China: you must wear red underwear when you are married. Bright red, pink romance, good chest effect, comfortable wear, is a perfect choice as a bride.

On the wedding day, the color of the underwear is the safest. Dresses that wear all colors will never be revealed. Complex patterns, but also undermine the wedding itself thin fabric and light lines.

Choose a detachable shoulder strap underwear, you can choose according to the style of the wedding dress strapless or with a shoulder strap, high degree of freedom.

Etam’s undergarments are lined with eye-catching Swarovski crystals and beautifully laced with French lace. Even if the exposed part is beautiful, you can even choose a wedding gown based on your underwear for a more elegant and perfect fit.

Beautiful days to choose the perfect underwear. To be the most beautiful bride, you must be from the inside out and leave no regrets. Etam bridal underwear series is perfectly listed, and the treasures of life are blooming. We look forward to your visit to Japan!

How To Choose Right Underwear for Young Girls

The girl’s development period is 7 to 19, and the girl’s first characteristic begins to develop when she is 7 years old. She must choose the correct underwear. In the development, the choice of underwear can not be the same as the choice of adult female underwear. So, how to choose girls underwear?

First, choose the right size
Need to pay attention to two points, one is a bust, one is a cup, Bust = number through the highest point of the breast, back and forth horizontally around the amount; lower bust = through the lower edge of the breast, horizontally around the number of back and forth. Cup = Bust – Lower Bust, most of the size of the underwear on the market is marked, generally lower breast size / cup. So when choosing a bra, choose the right one for yourself.

Second, choose the style
Pay attention to the principles of fit, comfort, and beneficial breast health care. Wear according to breast shape, size. Full boobs can be selected full cup; chest can be expanded outside the choice of 3/4 cup, the best concentrated effect; chest size is not the same, choose the model with a relatively large side, and the other side can only use an inner pad can be Now. Young girls should not wear bust with brackets or wires. Braces are not conducive to physical development, so do not choose bust with brackets, wires, glue or chemical fibers.

Third, texture
Girls should choose fabrics that allow the skin to breathe smoothly. Therefore, pure cotton fabric can absorb sweat and maintain air circulation, which is the first choice for personal fabrics. Choose Lycra, this fabric is soft, smooth and elastic, with the reputation of “second skin”. Girls’ underwear must reflect their vitality, youth and personality, and should be distinguished from mature sexy adult underwear.

The Style Of Underwear (part two) -underwear
This suits important occasions, such as large gatherings, wedding scenes, and important social events. This bra makes the chest fuller, showing a charming body, suitable for ladies of all sizes.

2.popular – underwear
Looks very trendy, like a star dress, smooth fabric, you can wear directly outside, you can show sexy and gorgeous temperament. and sexy underwear
The color and style are very hot, its shape makes people look dazzling, due to the role of cup angle, you can push the breast from the two sides to the middle. want to know more womens stretch panties, you can share our website.

4. soft and slim
The ultra-thin fabric of the cup shows a light and soft character, so that the wear effect is natural and dynamic and does not make the chest relax. Paired with shiny make-up and accessories are very stylish. Can be equipped with tulle skirts at various elegant parties.

The Style of Underwear

This is a bra designed for a full bodice. The cup is deeper and larger, the pull frame and the bottom edge are wider, and the shoulders are elastic. The whole bra is close to the chest, which holds the breasts well and allows you to move freely. At the same time, the shape is compact and the breasts have no sense of relaxation. Some bra cups are inlaid with tulle on the upper part, and the bottom is decorated with different colors of embroidered lace, which adds a feminine temperament and makes you feel confident from the chest no matter what stage you are attending.

2. Women’s
This half-cup full-breasted bra has thin straps that are feminine and perfect for a small, delicate woman. Their thin body, not tall chest, should not wear a full cup bra. This half-cup bra holds the high breasts and makes the chest look straight. It can be worn with a low collar and decorated with a shiny necklace. It is decent to attend various parties.

3. Thin waist
This is a fixed bra underwear, which is characterized by controlling the waist and making the waist slim. The bra is a 3/4 cup. A large bowl of steel tray pushes the breast up, and a high-waisted underwear tightens the waist. This section is suitable for a slightly plump body shape, can make the body curve convex, fully express the female posture. Suitable for wearing a skirt suit, let the graceful figure more light and elegant.

4. Elegant
This underwear is very elegant and dark fabrics are decorated with gold lace. A half-cup top-up bra and an out-of-side shoulder strap are perfect for a slim body shape with a dark, low-cut evening dress. If the body shape is full, it is best not to choose this paragraph, because this section of the cup is often small, plus liner, not suitable for full breasts.

All in all, womens underwear is beautiful and sexy.

How to choose good underwear

how to choose good underwear? women all need underwear,there are more styles, sucha as cute and sexy and beautiful underwear.

Material matters: Fabric is your most important decision. Whether you go with a synthetic or a natural one, you need it to wick well (move sweat off your skin).

strapless underwire bra

Weighty decisions: It’s pretty much “lightweight,” “midweight” or “heavyweight,” with thicker fabrics laying down a little extra warmth.

Fit factors: A wicking fabric has to be in direct contact with your skin to do its job, so you want a snug fit.