Bra detailed explanation and composition

Many women give up comfort because of the career line, what is the large size of the bust, the size of the chest is large; and there is no groove, related to the chest distance. Even the chest means that the two chests are connected together and there is no distance. Do we see that the so-called full, rounded chest is really the right underwear?

Concise and concise, the role of each part.

1 shoulder straps and adjustment buckles, loop buckles are the most familiar to everyone, they all play a role in regulation.

2 hooks and ears are used to connect.

3 The upper bowl and the lower bowl, the bundled bowl line and the steel ring are the main parts, which contain the breast and fix the cup.

The 4 side ratio, the dong ratio and the rear ratio play a role of fixing the chest line and preventing fat displacement.

Depending on the function of each part, we can choose the better underwear. For example, if your chest has a slight droop, then you can choose a cup that can hold the fat and adjust your shoulder strap.

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