Comfortable underwear introduction

Buy women’s underwear requires fabric texture soft, moisture-absorbing and breathable, with good elasticity, light fabric with good drape, elegant feeling, comfortable wearing, fit and unconstrained, and can fully reflect the human body curve. Nowadays, the traditional underwear market has been subdivided into decorative underwear, supplementary underwear, health underwear, couple underwear and red-colored costumes. Wearing underwear, fashion, personalization, and high-end has become a new theme in the underwear market.

Underwear is a kind of ambition, time and time, and shyness and restraint to express the hope of beauty, affection and physical performance. Underwear expresses more elegance and romance. Through underwear, the body language is more imaginative and creative, adding a lot of vividness and exquisiteness to the Chinese costume culture.

With the continuous updating of underwear fabrics, people are increasingly pursuing new technology products, and pure cotton products are no longer the needs of people. “Microfibre” (microfibre), a world-recognized fabric called “Second Skin”, is another glory in the history of women’s underwear. In 1997, DuPont launched the revolutionary high-quality super-elastic fiber Lycrasoft, so that the underwear is close to the body, without restraint, stretch freely. Women can comfortably shape their beauty.

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