Do you know the advantages of cotton underwear

Cotton underwear has many benefits, but it also has some drawbacks. From the point of view of wearing, cotton is the most comfortable, breathable, soft surface, and does not irritate the skin; it is a natural fabric with hypoallergenic. Unlike nylon and other man-made materials that are often used to make underwear, pure cotton does not absorb moisture, making it a breeding ground for fungi; of course, it does not generate static electricity. However, extra care is required when washing cotton, as it is more susceptible to shrinkage deformation than synthetic underwear.

Even with the artificial material mixed, the cotton allows the air to pass. It is cooler than other fabrics, making it easier for sweat to evaporate from the skin surface and keep the skin dry. This is especially important for women who are prone to yeast infections.

Cotton can absorb 20% of its own weight. This means that there is no dampness when carrying the sweat on the surface of the skin. In addition, it does not pilling like other fabrics commonly used in underwear.

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