Do you like cotton underwear?

One: The resurgence of the boxer pants, the more relaxed the better?
People who are too thick or too thin should not wear it, and it is not suitable to wear when wearing the popular narrow trousers. Recently, due to the appearance of the male protagonist wearing a boxer trousers in the Hollywood film, and more and more cotton trousers on the market, there is a trend of resurgence. It is generally believed that the boxer pants can reduce the restraint and friction compared with the briefs, and keep it cool, but if you choose to widen the trousers to achieve the purpose of smoothing, what is the difference with the former “definitely cool” uncle shorts? Therefore, choose the boxer trousers to fit as much as possible, choose the texture of the cotton woven fabric than the cotton cloth, so that it does not appear bloated in the suit trousers. But in fact, the current design of the boxer pants is not the most perfect. Because wearing a pair of trousers, even a more comfortable boxer pants may be rolled up at the hem. Therefore, there are improved four-corner cotton trousers on the market, which are wrapped around the hem, but those with thick legs are slightly tight.

Two: sorghum underwear, sexy logo?
People with extremely thick legs can choose full height. In the design concept of women’s underwear, sorghum is generally a modification, so that the legs look slender, but the starting point of the sorghum in men’s underwear is not sexy, but to take care of the male with thick legs. It is reported that because of market feedback, men prefer to buy underwear with leg edging, so the manufacturer still designed the half-height underwear with edging, and it is more suitable if you wear the underwear that is not used to full sorghum.

Three: Wear men’s low-rise jeans to reveal the side of the underwear?
Ultra-low-waist underwear is quite popular in Japan and South Korea, and it will be a bit unaccustomed to wear at first. This question is very interesting. Asked my friend to ask me if I saw some male singers performing on stage, so I asked if the trend is to wear it like this? My opinion is that the trend cannot be followed rigidly. If you feel uncomfortable, you simply refuse this method of wearing, and the market is not without underwear with low-rise jeans. Although they are more economical than traditional briefs, they are not cheap because of the trend.

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