Do you like rim underwear?

When the ladies returned home, the first unconscious little action was strikingly consistent – unlock the underwear buckle!

As soon as the underwear was released, it seemed to call the ground. The whole body was not bound, and the breathing was much better.

Wearing steel ring underwear is too uncomfortable. The shape of the fixed steel ring is difficult to match the chest shape of each person. After putting on the chest, the chest is uncomfortable, so that the whole upper body becomes stiff and has a deep impression.

Not only uncomfortable, long-term wear, but also may lead to breast hyperplasia, suffering from breast cancer.

If a woman wants to love herself, she will throw away the rim underwear and let her chest breathe freely.

However, trying the rimless underwear on the market, the most troublesome thing is that the support is not good.

So today recommended this rimless underwear – BC French zero pressure underwear, 0 pressure, soft and breathable, as feather-like light, no sense of restraint!

I changed this underwear and felt that I was completely stretched out and became light and energetic.

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