Erotic lingerie design bold and transparent unique style

Erotic underwear is generally elegant, bold design, tight-fitting, translucent material, lace piping, sling elastic band and other characteristics can greatly enhance the sex of love between husband and wife, making the relationship between husband and wife more harmonious. The “sexual underwear” of the popular market is made of silk fabrics. The styles are graceful, colorful and rich, and the workmanship is exquisite and chic. It is also quite interesting.

Sexual lingerie generally has the following types: panties with cords: ultra-high-length panties with straps attached to the sides of the waist for tying. These panties are bold and hot, suitable for women of all sizes. . As long as you untie the rope on one side, it is enough to stimulate.if you want to buy erotic lingerie, you can conatct me.

Lace panties: The material is mainly translucent and surrounded by lace piping. It is a typical representative of romantic “inner beauty”. The pubic hair is looming, it is very provocative to the visual, and it is a pleasure to touch it directly with your hand.

Open trousers: This kind of underwear happens to be unobstructed between the two strands. If you wear a mini skirt, you can be fearful. This is a stunned, hot design.

Open stockings: There are large openings between the two strands that can be touched without any hindrance.
The garter elastic band: Imagine a woman putting a leg on a chair, the kind of sultry style, can directly fascinate all beings.

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