Gold velvet fabric pajamas look warm and comfortable

The gold velvet fabric is preferred, and the velvet has a frictional stimulation coefficient to the human body which is second only to silk, and has a delicate suede texture, and the hand feels smooth like a baby’s skin.

The fluff is soft and delicate, and the warmth is 8 times that of the wool, so that the temperature rises quickly to lock the body’s temperature. Resist the cold, keep warm and not bloated, put on sleep properly, not sultry.

The version is designed by a foreign designer, according to the shape of the Asian body, according to the human body curve, three-dimensional loose cut, considerate and safely care for every inch of skin.

Contrast color design, fashion collision. Rich color contrast design, bright colors are not monotonous, blend with the current fashion, revealing personality in a lively.

Small butt collar design. Rounded small collars accentuate the elegance and warmth of charm. Elegant style and charming underwear is what?

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