Underwear has many fabrics and lumps, comfort is the first

Each product has more and more styles on the market. Even the underwear we wear often is like this. There are many patterns in the style and fabric of underwear. When you buy it in general, the following are generally based on your own preferences, but the choice of healthy underwear is correct, then how to choose women’s underwear?

For female friends, when buying underwear, it is necessary to go to a famous brand store or counter to buy. In fact, only our naked eyes. It is difficult to judge whether the underwear is dangerous. The brand’s counter stores or shopping guides are usually professionally trained. They can make some suggestions based on our situation, which is more conducive to our health.

The size of the chest must be measured. As the weight changes, the body’s curve also changes. Every time you buy underwear, pay attention to the correct size, so that you can buy underwear of the right size. Don’t be shy about this type of body, talk about it, and communicate generously and honestly with shopping guides. If you want to make the small chest look bigger, tighten the sagging chest, make the small abdomen flat, etc., you can improve by choosing the right underwear.

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